Cocktail-mocktail crawl around Poblacion

COCKTAIL%20COVER.jpgFive of the best bars in Poblacion made cocktails and mocktails featuring these refreshing flavors to celebrate the Philippines’ native fruits. Photo by James Miguel   

MANILA, Philippines — Zomato, in partnership with NutriAsia, held a beverage bar crawl around Poblacion’s hippest nightlife spots.

This crawl, unlike any other, features NutriAsia’s Locally beverages, which come in tamarind, mangosteen, kamias, guyabano, dalandan, and calamansi. Five of the best bars in Poblacion made cocktails and mocktails featuring these refreshing flavors to celebrate the Philippines’ native fruits.


Wicked Dogs

One of BF Homes' dining gems has finally arrived in one of Makati’s friendly neighborhoods! Wicked Dogs is a specialty restaurant focusing on hotdog sandwiches. Some of their bestsellers are the Tijuana Bacon Dog, Wasabi Dog and The No. 5 Dog. 

Photo by James Miguel 
Photo by James Miguel 

Wicked Dogs featured NutriAsia’s Locally beverages and came up with creative names to complete the twist: Step On It (calamansi), Joy Ride (tamarind), and Slippery When Wet (kamias). Their Non-alcoholic were named as, Virgin Mojito (guyabano), Snow Blend (tamarind), and Summer Punch (kamias). 

Photo by James Miguel 
Photo by James Miguel 
A'toda Madre 

This very impressive bar offers the widest selection of tequila in Metro Manila and comes in ranges of mexican tequila, mezcal, and sotol among many others. A’Toda Madre also serves flavorful, authentic Mexican dishes from Carnitas to Chili Verde to perfectly pair these extremely hard liquer. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor indeed.

Photo by James Miguel 
Photo by James Miguel 

Their Locally beverages were named Vitamin Sea (calamansi), Island Fever (guyabano), Sweet and Sour (kamias), and Tamarita Guyabano (tamarind).  


Photo by James Miguel 
Photo by James Miguel 
Firefly Roofdeck Bar 

Do you want to see the most amazing view of the Central Business District? Escape to Firefly Roofdeck Bar and feel on top of the business world. 

Photo by James Miguel 

Their Locally Drinks were named as follows: Guyabano Margarita, Kamias Mojito, and Dalandan Sangria.

Their version of the Locally cocktails-mocktails were some of their bestsellers. Trust us, their dishes are as incredible as the rooftop scene! The crowd favorite? Chicken Poppers and Asian Spicy Meatballs (coincidentally, both may be found in the bar chow menu). 

Photo by James Miguel 
Photo by James Miguel 
Jose Cuervo Tequileria​

Welcome to Mexico! Jose Cuervo Tequilieria will definitely make you feel like you’re a tourist - with intensely hued-painted walls, multicolored sofas, and open view of the busy streets. 

Their version of the Locally mixed drinks? Tamarind Cosmo, Mojito Kamias, Calamansi Margarita, and Sex on the Beach Guyabano.  

Photo by James Miguel 
Pura Vida

Pura Vida is the only Costa Rican reggae lounge in the country. This bar wil definitely make you feel like you’re by the beach in Central America with the colorful background and endless reggae music playing over the dancing crowd.

One of the most unique things about Pura Vida is their unique alcoholic drinks! Don’t leave without trying their following signatures – Healthy Rasta, Natural Mystic, and of course, No Army.

Photo by James Miguel 

Pura Vida, of course, made their own version of the Locally infused cocktail. Their Rastarind made use of Locally’s Tamarind flavor. Served with this special drink were their authentic Costa Rican Dishes! Definite must-orders are the Encuyados, Chicharrones Con Yuca, and of course the Con Pollo Caribeño (Caribbean Chicken with Rice N Beans). 

Photo by James Miguel 
Photo by James Miguel 

Are you now craving to visit the old downtown area of Makati? Make sure you visit one of these five restaurants! 

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