Helen Gamboa circa ‘75: Nun in love with priest



Helen in 1975

In a 1975 heavy drama, Helen Gamboa portrayed a controversial role, a nun in love with a priest. The film was titled Iniibig Kita…Father Salvador.

Then Helen was more identified with light drama and musical films, being a gifted singer and dancer. But she did justice to the role, acting with depth and sensitivity.

Vic Vargas, who portrayed the priest, was then an action star, billed as a sexy symbol. But he was equally adept as Father Salvador.

Co-starring were Ricky Belmonte and Leila Hermosa in a side love story, with the former playing a doctor.

Despite the adult theme, Iniibig Kita…Father Salvador didn’t have a hard time with the censors as Pablo Santiago directed the story with much care. It was written by Celso Al. Carunungan, a respected literary figure.

It was shot for over a month in the old and picturesque town of Carcar, Cebu.

Later in her showbiz career, Helen Gamboa starred in such award-winning films as Lino Brocka’s Kailan Mahuhugasan ang Kasalanan; Maning Borlaza’s Oras-Oras, Araw-Araw; and Celso Ad. Castillo’s version of Flor Contemplacion Story.

Helen has Urian and FAMAS Awards and a string of nominations for her movie and television roles.  — RKC

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