Sarah Lahbati proudly shows her baby bump

By Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo


Sarah Lahbati shows off her baby bump. Screenshot via Twitter/Sarah Lahbati

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Sarah Lahbati's pregnancy has started to show and on December 4, she proudly shared photos of her baby bump on Twitter. 

The pictures have the caption: “Almost six months pregnant.”

In Ricky Lo’s FUNFARE column for The STAR, it has been revealed that Richard and Sarah are expecting a second son, following their first born Zion, who is now five years old.

Richard and Sarah are now engaged to be married. In an interview with, Sarah said she would resume with their wedding preparations after the baby comes out. “Pagkatapos kasi s’yempre ayaw ko naman ng mataba sa wedding. Gusto ko rin mag-focus sa pregnancy ko.”

Almost six months pregnant

— Sarah Lahbati (@SarahLahbati) December 5, 2017

Sarah believes her second pregnancy has been a good luck charm as she now has many endorsements. “Saka I don’t really feel nervous or stressed as I was pregnant with Zion. So I feel it’s a totally different pregnancy,” she explained.

As seen in the photos posted on Twitter, Sarah has been able to stay fit and beautiful because though she has avoided dancing in the Sunday variety show “ASAP,” she continues to exercise.

“I’ve always been fit and strong even before this pregnancy…Maraming tao na hindi nila alam na you should actually take care of yourself para maging easier ang pregnancy mo saka when you give birth,” she enthused.

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