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Jinkee Pacquiao takes time out from her Laser Lipo treatment at Dr. Vicki Belo’s clinic to ponder about the future of her family after her husband, Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao, lost by unanimous decision to Australia’s Jeff Horn

The headline of today’s Conversation, #ItsPossible, may be read in different ways. It’s actually the hashtag of the specific treatment Jinkee has been going through at Dr. Vicki Belo’s clinic.

Yes, as far as Jinkee Pacquiao is concerned, it’s possible to stay as young as you can be by undergoing the same treatment she does at Dr. Vicki Belo’s clinic. Jinkee did Laser Lipo with Belo way back in 2010. After that, she had kids — Emmanuel Jr., 16, Grade 11; Michael Stephen, 15, Grade 10; Mary Divine Grace, 10, Grade 6; Queen Elizabeth, 8, Grade 4, all studying at Hope Christian School; and Israel, 3, in Nursery at Gymboree — and still maintained her body throughout the years. She is among many happy Belo patients who, after doing the Laser Lipo, have opted to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“We would like to share her inspiring story of making a bold move to better herself as a woman. How this procedure inspired her as a person, a mom and a wife,” said Dr. Vicki. “We would also like to communicate that Belo is here to help them achieve their body goals and that we are empowering women.”

And, yes, “it’s possible” for Jinkee to convince her husband, Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao, to hang his gloves for goodand good riddance!!!...after his recent loss to Australia’s Jeff Horn by unanimous decision (reviewed with finality by an independent group authorized by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) in what was touted as Battle of Brisbane.

As far as Jinkee is concerned, it’s family first. She puts God and her family above all else and has made sure to give everything she got on supporting Manny and their children.

But Jinkee might get a polite “no” from Manny who is determined to seek vindication.

Last Wednesday, Manny posted this on his Twitter account: I love this sport and until the passion is gone, I will continue to fight for God, my family, my fans and my country.

Here’s an exclusive Conversation with Jinkee:

This time after Horn, do you think you can convince Manny to retire?

“I am praying consistently that Manny will soon retire.”

Watching the fight in Brisbane (without Mommy Dionisia and the kids) pareho pa ang nararamdaman mo sa previous fights?

“Yes, I always have the same feelings. Nervous and worried at the same time. Di ko naman maiaalis yun but more on prayer for him that’s what I do when he fights.”

Totoo bang Manny can’t say no to a rematch dahil hindi siya papayagan ng contract niya?

“I don’t know yet about the rematch. I believe he can’t say no to his opponent if he asks for a rematch.”

Your family has more than enough money, can’t you tell Manny to just enjoy life with you and the kids?

“Yes. For me, gusto ko mag-retire na sya and enjoy life with his family and focus on being a senator.”

How is Manny as a husband?

“Manny is a very loving and caring husband.”

And how is he as a father?

“As a father, he always makes sure that we are well. He loves to hug and kiss them. Even though he is so busy he still makes time to spend time with them, with us.”

Your children are educated in exclusive schools, ang gagaling mag-English. How do you and Manny keep up with them?

“As parents, we mold them to become God-fearing. They are all very smart and lovable kids. We encourage them to read always the Bible and they love to do it! On my part, being a wife and mother is tough but I learned to be strong with everything that I’ve been through. And learned to have more patience and understanding. Most of all, I learned that to love and forgive is the key. Have a biblical perspective and positive outlook in life. I learned to always pray to God in everything! He answers prayers.”

You are close to Dr. Vicki. What mothering techniques do you learn from each other?

“Siguro yung paano mo maturuan mga anak mo na maging mabuti sa kapwa kasi yun ang nakikita ko sa mga anak nya. Ang babait nila sobra!”

Don’t you and Manny spoil the kids?

“No. When they make mistakes, we talk to them in a gentle manner and, of course, with love. We want them to be humble and God-fearing men and women when they grow up. If they are godly, it leads to riches, honor and life. We also teach them that God loves them so much no matter what. And that they should always be grateful for everything!”

What beauty secrets do you and Dr. Vicki get from each other?

“I’m very thankful for Dra. Belo for being a true friend. She makes me beautiful. Laki ng naitulong nya sa akin when it comes to beauty.

“I decided to get laser liposuction because I have a problem with excess fats. I felt ugly and I really wanted to be sexy. I couldn’t wear tight clothes. I couldn’t show my big arms that’s why I would always wear T-shirts to cover them! I was fat and I wanted to be sexy! Salamat kay Dr. Belo, it changed me, I became confident with myself. Now when I look in the mirror, I am happy. I feel beautiful.”

 Any health regimen?

“To maintain my healthy lifestyle, of course, first I must have a positive outlook in life, get the right perspective and always hope for the best. Renewing my mind by changing the way I think in life. To love God and people. Love and forgiveness is the key! And then everything follows. Exercise four times a week, eat healthy foods, minus the sweets and soft drinks.”

And what health tip do you give Dr. Vicki?

“Siguro beauty secret na na-impart ko kay Dr. Belo is by being positive always ’coz it will reflect in your aura. Pareho kami ng pinagdaanan sa buhay and we still manage to look good and be beautiful.”

How do you see life with Manny if and when he agrees to retire?

“Serving God and people.”







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