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Lance Raymundo's face destroyed in gym accident


MANILA, Philippines - Singer-actor Lance Raymundo's face was partially destroyed after being hit by an 80-pound barbel.

Nina Raymundo, his mother, said in a statement to ABS-CBN that Raymundo was rushed to the hospital Wednesday last week after the gym accident.

"The person who was assisting him on his workout accidentally dislodged the barbel on top of Lance's face when he leaned forward," she said.

She said that while part of the face need reworking, critical parts of his skull and neck were fortunately spared from the accident.

The entertainment personality will undergo the first part of his facial reconstruction surgery Tuesday. Another operation will follow after a week.

"“If he recovers sooner than that, we will publicly advise," Nina said.

She also said that public should learn from Raymundo's mistake and practice caution in handling gym and workout equipment.

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