Life is infused with well-being that is not just physical


Remember the lady who had stage 1 breast cancer like me? She did chemo and radiation, and ended up with stage 4 lung cancer. I really wanted to help her. I felt it was my giving back to the universe for my healing. I was so sure she could be healed.

Unfortunately, the glue  that was  put in her lungs to stop water from entering was giving her so much pain and the damage to her immune system was too much.  I was even willing to take her into my house because I could see that she needed help in making the juices. She was so weak. 

When her daughter called me and told me she was in the emergency room, I was shocked. She was weak, but she didn’t look like she was dying. Sigh... I was so sure she would be well, what with all the stories of people who have risen even after stage 4 cancer. I gave her my own supplements which can only be bought in the States. But looking back, she needed personal care. Someone who could cook for her, give her regular juices. Make sure her regimen was followed.

So, yes, I was disturbed until I started feeling her. In my meditation school, there are readings one does to the newly departed to help them navigate the spheres after one dies. So, I started the readings and I could feel her. She seemed so well — like relieved — and was concerned about her daughter but well. She continues to be very much helped by the readings — the essence of which is going for the Light, letting go.

Doing the readings has been immensely helpful for me as well. Life is so temporary. I have realized that even now — with all the things I am doing — it should always be in the paradigm of Service to the Light, and not for the sake of implementation. Because the reality is that everything in this world is impermanent. And unpredictable. So if our meaning depends on a result, which is not within our control, that is a recipe for disaster. What is permanent — and what one can ride on even in the after life — is love. It is moving towards the Light, the essence of which is love. That  gives joy. Why should we die before we move on to the Light? Why can’t we feel who we are beyond our physical bodies and where our spirits want to go? 

This has deepened my meditation and put everything I am doing in its proper perspective. 

There is a purpose for life. If we live life well, in alignment with truth,  love, and the highest principles,  immense personal growth happens. Our spirit blooms. If everything we do in this life is an offering  to the Divine, life is infused with an incredible  amount of well-being that is not just physical. Everything takes on meaning. The result is I never feel alone. I often feel held by love. 

And that is the way to live life. See this link on Anita Mourdjani  — She was interviewed on Karen Davila’s show.  It hit over 2.4 million views. She wrote a book which hit the bestseller lists in New York.  She feels genuine. I have read other books of people that have gone to the Light.

Death is not an end. It is just a change of form. Our spirit doesn’t cease to exist when the physical body caves in. Why should we have to die before we realize that we are spirits? Far more important than the physical things we do in this world are the choices we make in terms of why we do what we do. What space we are coming from.  This ultimately affects our spirit. 

We take care of our physical body because this is necessary for quality of life.  We embark on an inward journey now, which means a journey to the spirit, to higher realms of consciousness, which makes life very joyful. I never leave the house without meditating. It gives me a sense of fulfillment. Gives purpose to life. Whatever I do is part of my journey to the light of love and truth.  

Life is just oh so very, very beautiul. It depends on the way we live it, and how we look at it.

Know that there is infinite love guiding you, surrounding you, holding you. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is there. Then embark on a journey to calm the mind. Go beyond material things so you can feel the love that is there for you. This is called living life to the fullest.

Sending you lots of love  and light.

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