Revolution Precrafted seen as first Phl unicorn startup

MANILA, Philippines -  Real estate tech startup Revolution Precrafted is ramping up its revenue and and is on track to become the first $1-billion Philippine ‘unicorn’ startup if it raises further outside equity financing, its top executive said.

The so-called unicorns are private companies, usually startups, valued at $1 billion or more.

Now valued at $256 million, Revolution Precrafted combines world-renowned designers and the latest advances in construction technology to deliver designer, custom homes at five times the speed and nearly half the cost to property developers and landowners.

As part of Revolution’s efforts to increase its value and strengthen its presence overseas, its chief  executive officer Robbie Antonio recently flew to Tokyo to talk about how the company plans to revolutionize real estate technology worldwide. Alongside him was multi-awarded model and actress Kate Upton.

“Using the latest in design technology, we are able to partner with revolutionaries all over the world and create cutting-edge masterpieces,” said Antonio. “As a Filipino company, we are proud to say that we have been working on major sites worldwide — from Central America to Asia.”

From Tokyo, Antonio flew to Basel, Switzerland, where he spoke to a group of art influencers about Revolution’s latest projects and developments in and out of the Philippines.

Last month, Antonio also shared the stage with Asia’s most disruptive technology companies at Wild Digital, an exclusive tech conference attended by leading Asian tech CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs from the world. He gave a preview of Revolution’s ongoing projects in various countries, and how technology is making this possible for a startup to achieve.

“As a startup, our unique premise has already brought us great momentum and thus we’ve steadily grown since 2015, our starting year,” said Antonio. “With more international deals signed and events lined up, we will continue to strengthen our presence within the region.”

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