Orange Blush: What’s in a name?



Motivational speaker Joby Linsangan-Morenois a new addition to the growing stable of talents of the Asian Artists Agency.

The image of a “lady in red” has essentially become a stronger attraction ever since that song Lady In Red by Chris De Burgh came out on radio. And so do women wearing particular colors like black, white or yellow.

For salon chain owner and motivational speaker Joby Linsangan-Moreno, orange is the color because it represents her more than any other hues. No wonder it carries the very name of the hair grooming business she put up 14 years ago: Orange Blush Salon (OBS).

“Orange makes me happy. It is a color that is neither aggressive nor relaxing and it reflects tranquility, energy, and youthfulness,” said Joby, who has decided on “orange” from Day 1 on how she likes her business to be called. For the second name, she picked Blush because “a glowing person blushes.”

Backed by entrepreneurial success and a likable, humble personality that should inspire people with big dreams from all walks of life, Joby is a new addition to the growing stable of talents of the Asian Artists Agency (AAA).

The soft-spoken pride of Cabanatuan expressed her passion for the salon business,  “I found joy being in the beauty business and it gives me a sense of who I am. I recall when I was young I was so interested in the process of putting color to the hair or anything that has to do with hair care. For a business to succeed it has to be something that is you.”

It meant much that Joby knew what she wanted to do and that a couple of men in her life ­— her dad and would-be husband — were into the business field to guide her through the birth pains. She did work at a local hospital for a couple of years after taking Med Tech at the University of Santo Tomas, (she is a licensed Medical Technologist) making use of her relatively small savings to buy a little salon in Cabanatuan.

She had a humble start, with an inspiring vision that bravely led to Orange Blush Salon (OBS) transforming into a chain of outlets, currently around 20, half of which company-owned. Her idea from the beginning is to create a brand that will be known on a national scale. It is now in full-swing with franchisees coming in left and right, believing in the mantra of OBS to serve with care the yuppies, young mothers, and every regular gal and dude who don’t want to have a bad hair day.

A flagship branch located in 10th avenue corner P. Tuazon in Quezon City opened last year, housing the offices of the OBS, which became a  corporation in 2013, and boasting model salon units for franchising that people can check into. The P350,000 franchise fee is in essence affordable for a salon business.

After blossoming in her hometown Cabanatuan and neighboring towns like Bulacan, OBS, also offering nail treatment, quickly branched out to Metro Manila, with spots in area like Katipuan and Sta. Cruz. Around 10 more outlets are expected to open within the year, located within community malls. One in Lipa, Batangas will open doors anytime soon.

“The key challenge to franchising is retaining a team that effectively operates,” noted the fit, goal-oriented professional who has learned the art of haircutting herself, adding that, “Franchising is operating within the limitations of franchisors with tried and tested business formula. You save time and energy when you do the business procedures properly as a result of much-needed training, plus the fact that you get instant recall because of your use of a proven brand name.”

Joby is happy that Orange Blush Salon is strengthening its hold as the rebonding center for the straight hair-obsessed public. All the more she believes that offering P80 for a haircut and P900 to P1,500 with hair treatment is doing business with a heart. In fact, OBS is loved for its post-service treatment that comes as a warranty. Free haircuts are offered during Oct. 4 to celebrate OBS anniversary. She said with a smile, “We want our clients to feel they can trust us.”

Embracing the “paying it forward” idea, Orange Blush Salon extends into a training school in partnership with TESDA with the establishment of Orange Institute of Fashion and the Arts. Its main objective is to guide scholars in studying hairdressing to later become part of the OBS talented pool of employees. “At first we hired young people to join us in OBS. We want to teach them how to fish.”

For all the right reasons, Joby deserves to serve as the face of Orange Blush Salon.

Well, she has the look, with her silky straight flowing hair and slim figure making her easily pass as a hair salon model herself. But more than the physical attribute, it’s her sense of responsibility that makes her a standout. Coming from a family decently earning from pagbubukid, she had it planned it all, deciding to stay in the country after college so she could be with her parents, marrying at 28 her first and only boyfriend in life, and acting the role of a devoted mother to three, still very young children.

Still based in her hometown, perhaps as showcase to her affection for her roots, she related, “I’m a family woman first than a careerist. My schedule depends on the routine of my kids and my husband. In the realm of busines, problems are meant to be solved so it all boils down to your passion for what you do for a living.”

True as she sounds, there’s more color to Joby than meets the eye.

And as the Orange Lady, she is beautiful, passionate and empowered. And all these, Joby wants to part to every woman who cares to be beautiful.

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