Free tuition, passport validity extension bills await Rody’s signature

By Alexis Romero

MANILA, Philippines - Seven bills, including measures providing for free college education in state-run institutions and extending the validity of passports, are now awaiting President Duterte’s signature. 

The measures were sent to Malacañang this month, The STAR learned yesterday. The President has to sign a bill before it can become law. 

Under the Constitution, the President has 30 days to sign a bill into law or to veto it. If he does not act within the 30-day period, the measure automatically lapses into law. 

The seven bills that have been enrolled and sent to the Office of the President include the act promoting universal access to quality college education by providing free tuition and other school fees in state universities and colleges. The bill also aims to give poor but deserving students access to affordable loans and grants. 

Also enrolled was the bill extending the validity of passports to ten years from the current five years. The measure, which is included in Duterte’s legislative agenda, will amend Section 10 of Republic Act 8239 or the Philippine Passport Act of 1996.

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